Tuesday, 8 May 2012

PHG Chapter 2 - What Does It Mean to be Beautiful?

On to chapter two! My plan at the moment is to read a chapter a week and to post here on a Tuesday. That is the plan! 

This chapter covers the difference between outer beauty and inner beauty. The very first section describes how the world seems to reward outer beauty without regarding inner character. I care about how I look, sometimes too much, but there is more to me than that. It is how I look not who I am! It would be so sad to judge people purely on their appearance. There is so much more to people. Outer beauty is such a fragile thing to cling to and to base your opinion of yourself on. Looks fade with age or injury and if you tie all your self worth up in pretty hair or perfect skin or a tiny waist what happens when you can't rely on your appearance to impress people? Relying on temporal qualities feels like building on a shaky foundation! 

It is so easy to get caught up in worldly views of beauty. From  the airbrushed advertisements to the celebrity magazines that trawl through photographs to find a flaw to print with a big red circle around it. Is it any wonder that I, and others, sometimes struggle when these people who are held up as "perfect" are torn down the very next week? 

In the beginning God created mankind, male and female. First it is important that we learn that there is a difference between being male and female. Women and men were not created the same. God created them with different functions and duties. He created them with different forms on the outside, and also different ways in which they tick on the inside. 

This section is interesting as it doesn't describe women as inferior but does class them as helpers to men. The two are often linked together but, the way I see it is that, men and women are different but both roles are important. A strong man needs a strong helper. It isn't a popular view out in the world but I think that is partly due to how the home and traditional roles of women are downgraded and belittled. How comforting it must be to fully accept God's plan for you and the role He designed you to fill perfectly. To stop striving to impress the world or to meet the worldly standards. 

We are so blessed by God to be given a life full of unselfish duties. This is where true happiness comes from. 

It is a blessing to be able to help others! To be useful and caring and to spend time thinking of other people and their needs. It is an amazing and fulfilling feeling to help, to be a helper and supporter. Sometimes I forget this and get caught up in the worldly view of me time, self confidence and competition. To step back from this and into my natural role, the one I was designed and created for, is always calming. It feels like coming home! 

True beauty is inner beauty, your faith and character. It doesn't fade as your skin wrinkles! It endures over time and, if anything, becomes stronger with age. 



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  1. Dear Jenny,

    you said the truth about appearance. That's why I do wear modest clothing. If you hide the obvious, people are 'forced' to pay attention to real me, what I am rather than how I look.

    The women in the past were praised for their character and beauty, not how sexy they were or how young they looked.

    I wonder if you are familiar with these sites: