Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lilacs Starting to Bloom.

I just adore lilac! The flowers and the scent are wonderful. The lilac tree in the garden has an interesting heritage. My great grandparents had a lilac tree in their garden and when my grandma got married and moved away she took a little cutting. That tiny cutting grew and bloomed and eventually, years later, my dad brought a cutting to our house. So this is the third generation of the family to have a lilac all descended from that first tree. If I move out to my own home I plan on taking a cutting too. Hopefully my gardening skills will have improved by then so that the tree can survive! 

I am so grateful for a sunny day so I can appreciate this beautiful tree!




  1. I love things with a heritage and a story :-) And it's beautiful!

  2. What a lovely color! And how amazing it has been passed down in your family. Love!

  3. "If" you move out to your own home? Sorry, I don't know you, so was wondering why you say "if". Are you still quite young?

    I love lilacs, too, the sight and scent of them being tied for my favorite flower with hyacinth.

    I once bought a house here in BC in winter, having no idea that some of the bald, snow-covered trees in the yard were actually lilac bushes, and LOTS of them, at least six full size shrubs!

    Same thing happened with the house in which I now live - I didn't even pay attention to what the plants were around the yard and then how pleasantly surprised was I when I found we have three mature lilac trees going crazy in the yard. :)

    My husband and I had our wedding in our yard when the lilacs were in full bloom. The next day there was a heavy downpour that all but destroyed the lilacs, but boy was everything green after that!

    Here's a video link of clips from my wedding (we kept it very small intentionally - just my six kids at the time, and my seventh was actually conceived and I didn't yet know it, so she was there too!)...

    1. (Woops, didn't finish... just the kids, my niece, my mom, and a small handful of our closest friends). :)

      Enjoy your lilacs! The pictures of them are very pretty. I look forward to ours being in bloom in a few weeks.