Friday, 18 May 2012

Bluebells and Pinkbells.

Spring has definitely arrived when the bluebells start to flower! 

To me these are quite a fairytale flower! So pretty and delicate. I can imagine the sweet, tinkling sound that they would make if they actually were bells. Bluebells symbolise gratitude, humility and consistency. 

What is your favourite Spring flower? 




  1. Oh, I really do love all flowers, especially after long and cold winter! So I'll say my favourite spring flower is the Snowdrop, she's the first one to appear, she's so brave, she wants to greet the sun even when there is still snow on the ground...
    Now it's time for Forget-me-nots over here, and I absolutely love, love, love their shy little faces.

    I think every flower is a message from the Almighty!

  2. I love flowers! The bright and bold ones and the small and timid ones too.