Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sparrows in the Garden.

I have been trying really hard to get some photographs of the birds in the garden. Clear ones rather than fuzzy ones where the bird has moved or my arm shakes. Most photographs end up with just the tail of the bird in them as it flies away! 

Not fantastic shots by any means but each photograph has a bird in it! I think that sparrows are so sweet.  They sit in the trees and just tweet away to each other. They can get quite noisy. Apart from when they are sand bathing in my new vegetable plot! 




  1. I love sparrows too :-) Thank you for posting some pictures of the little sweeties! where I live there are lots of finches but almost no sparrows..

  2. I think the little birds are so adorable - blue tits, sparrows, wrens .... all cute!

  3. Little birds don't stand sit or play within the shrub and it can be so hard to take their photos. You have done well.