Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ruffled Scarf.

I should really be getting on with proper knitting but I keep getting distracted by pretty wool! I am making slow progress with knitting and can now knit and purl. Well, on different rows, alternating the stitches on the same row is going to take a bit more practice! The ribbon yarns are just so quick to knit up. This scarf took me under three hours which is far faster than my first attempt! 

I will be going back to more practical knitting! I am practising by making dish cloths. A little dull but I want to learn different stitches and techniques such as increasing and decreasing and the cotton used for dishcloths is cheap enough for me to feel able to do this. I wouldn't dare to practice with expensive wool! 




  1. It's so pretty! I love making these scarves ... they're so quick and easy :)

  2. What pretty wool and I LOVE the colour. I have never knitted with that sort of wool, is it easy.

  3. It is really easy! I started making these before I could knit properly and it helped me get the tension right!

  4. LOVE this!! I want to learn how to do this. Thanks for the follow. :)

  5. Apryll - it is so easy! I am not good at knitting at all and I can finish a scarf in under 3 hours!