Friday, 13 April 2012

New Magazines.

I discovered two magazines today that I had never seen before. They looked to be just my cup of tea so I simply couldn't resist them! 

The first magazine is called Landscape and this is the launch issue. Very exciting! The description says life at nature's pace which sounds lovely. 

This issue covers cottage garden charm, your best beans, making bunting, cuckoos as well as many more country and garden related topics. The photographs are beautiful! 

The magazine cover. 

Rhubarb recipes. 

Bells in Bloom. 

The second magazine is called Land Love - loving the simpler things in life. How sweet that sounds! This is also the first issue and the magazine has been released at the same time as Landscape and shares a similar title and the front covers look quite alike. They are produced by different publishers though! 

Some topics in this issue are dreaming of lilac time, with a cherry on top, my chocolate box cottage and give a hoot for the little owl. A wide range is covered here from gardening to crafts and the photography is stunning! 

The magazine cover. 


Crystallised flowers. 

I am looking forward to sitting down to savour them! Welcome additions to the magazine world and far more interesting than vacuous celebrity magazines. Both are bi-monthly magazines based around the countryside and changing season and apparently aimed at women over 35. Perhaps I am a little old in my tastes! I think I will be subscribing in addition to my long standing devotion to Country Living magazine. 




  1. Life at nature's pace sounds so inviting...! I hope it really is about that too; so many publications seem to encourage the over-achieving tendency that brings on so much frustration.

  2. I like this sort of magazine so much so am thrilled to have more choice. Sometimes it seems like all the magazines are about celebrities and diets!