Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Old Sketch Book.

I was rummaging around in all my craft stuff looking for a particular book when I found my old sketch book! It must be ten years old. I always used to have either a book or a pencil in my hand! I never had the patience for oils but water colouring really suited me. I loved all the different effects! Generally my subjects were flowers, kind of like now with my photographs. I hadn't thought of that before! 

I thought I would share some of my childish scribbles here. Promise not to laugh! 

I wish I had kept on with drawing and water colour painting as I might actually have some skill by now! I wonder where my book of angst ridden teenage poetry is. On second thoughts, I would rather not find that! 

Makes me want to dig out my paints again! 




  1. They're very good! You should keep at it!

  2. Your drawings are actually very beautiful. Looks to me like you already have talent. =)

  3. What childish scribbles?! :) These drawings are lovely, you should definitely dig out your paints again.


  4. Saw u on the moneysavingexpert thread on blogging so thought I'd come and support you! Hope all is well

    Jenna@ www.pret-a-style.com ( and huge Mse lurker!)

  5. Very pretty. You should take it up again. It's never too late. :)

  6. Awww thank you all!

    I somehow managed to give up drawing without realising - other things just took priority on my time. I am a bit of a perfectionist - not in a good way! - I want to be good at things right away when really I need to put the work in!

  7. No laughing going on here, your sketches are beautiful! I used to encourage my older children to keep a nature journal as part of our homeschooling, and these pics remind me of those journals. I should do this with Miss Abigail. Thanks for the thought.

  8. Its wonderful that you still have this notebook. I have my old art books and every now and again "visit". You were very good, perhaps give it another go and see where it takes you.

  9. Those are all BEAUTIFUL! I want one to frame!

    Simply A Farm Girl