Sunday, 15 April 2012

How To Be Happy.

How shall we make life joyous? 
"Not by the mirth unblest
Of the giddy dance, or the song profane
Or the wild, unguarded jest.
By the love of all things good and fair, 
Sunshine and books and flowers;
By the smile of God upon guileless joys
Let us gladden our youthful hours."

How shall we make home happy?
"Not by pert look or tone, 
Or the roving feet that haunt the street
While the mother toils alone.
By the tired father's ready chair,
Bright hearth, and neat-spread board;
By a willing hand, and a smiling lip,
And a heart with kindness stored."

How shall we look the fairest?
"Not by the vain display
Of flaunting fashions and foolish airs,
That turn wise hearts away.
But the light of truth in a quiet eye,
And a modest maiden grace, 
With a rosy smile of sweet content,
Make fair the homeliest face."

How shall we give God glory?
"By doing what good we can
Unto all and each, within our reach,
Bird, beast, or child, or man;
By keeping still from the snares of ill
Which lure on every side;
Sheltered and safe, 'neath the prayer of faith.
Lord Jesus, be our Guide!"

C.T. Pringle



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