Monday, 23 April 2012

The Hope Chest Series by Pearables.

I feel that, as I wasn't brought up as a Christian or raised in a Christian home, I am running far behind where I should be and am struggling to catch up. It feels like I am missing the basics, that foundation in faith, that others my age have. Those habits and characteristics that would have just been absorbed rather than being directly taught. 

This is a two book series produced by Pearables. I think they are just the sweetest, quaintest little books! 

Book One is Personal Help for Girls - Nurturing a Sweet and Virtuous Spirit. Who wouldn't want a sweet and virtuous spirit? I certainly do! The book covers subjects like feminine personality, Christian character, being capable and female responsibilities. 

Book Two is called Preparing Your Hope Chest - Building a Foundation of Godly Character for Tomorrow's Mothers. A foundation of Godly character is just what I am looking for! This book is all about different skills to learn including knitting, embroidery, cooking, cleaning and frugality. I am already working on some of these but it certainly is helpful to have them all written down in a book! 

The books are aimed at girls a lot younger than me but I want those basics! I don't want to jump ahead and miss out on essential knowledge that would limit my future understanding. I want to build on solid foundations if that makes sense! Plus I don't want to let my pride get in the way so that I feel like I am too good to study these books because of my age. 

My plan is to work through these books and to post some of what I am learning on here. I like the idea of recording my progress on this blog as I can add photographs when needed and it is easy to look back on. Sort of like a scrapbook!

What do you think are the essential character qualities to be learnt? Are there any books that you would recommend?




  1. Dear Jenny,
    You have the first and most important characteristic, in my opinion. You have a humble, teachable heart. I wish we lived closer so I cold teach you some of the things my dear mother taught me. I couldn't teach you all of them because I didn't pay any attention to all of them.
    Looking forward to following and applauding your progress,
    Aunt Lou

  2. I second AuntLou's comment! Your open, sincere heart will take you a long, long way toward your goals. I do like a book called "Keeping House: The Litany of Everyday Life" by Margaret Kim Petersen. It is a theological (mildly scholarly) book that explains how, with the right attitude and understanding, serving others at home transforms into service to God and His kingdom. Such a good book! I think you would like it. Mrs. Petersen also co-authors another book with her husband called "Are You Waiting for The One?" - about preparing for a Christian marriage that is also good. She is a trustworthy author!

    As for my own opinion, I think learning to be patient with others and learning to be content are two important characteristics to work on. At least these two have been a trial for me... ;o)

  3. Those look like neat books. Have fun learning from them!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one playing catch up. These books look great and maybe fun to go through with my daughters.

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I am planning on writing a blog post per chapter from the book.

    AuntLou - I am working on having a teachable heart, at the moment I still struggle to accept constructive criticism! I think it is going to be a long path!

    Kathleen - being content is a hard one! I have added the Keeping House book onto my wish list - I hadn't heard of that one!

    Abbi - I will!

    Cara - I think they would be lovely to work through as a mother / daughter sharing time. They are very sweet!

  6. Found the first one at the thrift store and snatched it up! I too wasn't raised with some of these principles and it was fun to read and pretend I was a teenager again. :) Enjoy reading!

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  8. i signed in as the wrong user before! ahh! I was going to say that I would like to read polished cornerstones by doorposts publishers! that one sounds good! :)