Monday, 30 April 2012

Strawberry Flower.

One of my strawberry plants has a flower on it! I am so excited! I was worried that they wouldn't do very well as the weather here has been crazy. Hot and sunny for a week and then constant rain with added hail. It has not been a good couple of weeks for gardening. 

I just have to hope that a bee or two makes it to my little plants. I haven't seen many at all this year! 



Friday, 27 April 2012


I have created a Facebook page for my blog! I am excited about it even though I am not sure what to do with it. I had thought about it for a while and finally decided after much prayer to go for it. 

I will be posting photographs, interesting quotes and bible verses that inspire me, plus anything else I think of! 

I would love for you to take a look! 



Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ruffled Scarf.

I should really be getting on with proper knitting but I keep getting distracted by pretty wool! I am making slow progress with knitting and can now knit and purl. Well, on different rows, alternating the stitches on the same row is going to take a bit more practice! The ribbon yarns are just so quick to knit up. This scarf took me under three hours which is far faster than my first attempt! 

I will be going back to more practical knitting! I am practising by making dish cloths. A little dull but I want to learn different stitches and techniques such as increasing and decreasing and the cotton used for dishcloths is cheap enough for me to feel able to do this. I wouldn't dare to practice with expensive wool! 



Monday, 23 April 2012

The Hope Chest Series by Pearables.

I feel that, as I wasn't brought up as a Christian or raised in a Christian home, I am running far behind where I should be and am struggling to catch up. It feels like I am missing the basics, that foundation in faith, that others my age have. Those habits and characteristics that would have just been absorbed rather than being directly taught. 

This is a two book series produced by Pearables. I think they are just the sweetest, quaintest little books! 

Book One is Personal Help for Girls - Nurturing a Sweet and Virtuous Spirit. Who wouldn't want a sweet and virtuous spirit? I certainly do! The book covers subjects like feminine personality, Christian character, being capable and female responsibilities. 

Book Two is called Preparing Your Hope Chest - Building a Foundation of Godly Character for Tomorrow's Mothers. A foundation of Godly character is just what I am looking for! This book is all about different skills to learn including knitting, embroidery, cooking, cleaning and frugality. I am already working on some of these but it certainly is helpful to have them all written down in a book! 

The books are aimed at girls a lot younger than me but I want those basics! I don't want to jump ahead and miss out on essential knowledge that would limit my future understanding. I want to build on solid foundations if that makes sense! Plus I don't want to let my pride get in the way so that I feel like I am too good to study these books because of my age. 

My plan is to work through these books and to post some of what I am learning on here. I like the idea of recording my progress on this blog as I can add photographs when needed and it is easy to look back on. Sort of like a scrapbook!

What do you think are the essential character qualities to be learnt? Are there any books that you would recommend?



Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sheltered and Secure.

Many of us find life hard and full of pain. The world uses us rudely and roughly. We suffer wrongs and injuries. Other people's clumsy feet tread upon our tender spirits. We must endure misfortunes, trials, disappointments. We cannot avoid these things; but we should not allow the harsh experiences to deaden our sensibilities, or make us stoical or sour. The true problem of living is to keep our hearts sweet and gentle in the hardest conditions and experiences. 

If you remove the snow from the hillside in the late winter, you will find sweet flowers growing there, beneath the cold drifts, unhurt by the storm and by the snowy blankets that have covered them. So should we keep our hearts tender and sensitive beneath life's fiercest winter-blasts, and through the longest years of suffering and even of injustice and wrong treatment. That is true, victorious living. 

J. R. Miller



Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Forget Me Not.

Forget-me-not flowers symbolise true love, faithfulness and memories in the old flower lore. Their Latin name is myosotis which comes from the Greek for mouse ear due to the shape of the leaves. 

They are a sweet and pretty little flower but they do have a tendency to take over the garden! 



Monday, 16 April 2012

Planning a Giveaway.

I am planning a giveaway for all my lovely followers! I haven't quite made my mind up what to give away but as always it will be open to all followers all over the world. So far I am debating over maybe wool .... or a magazine ....or fabric ...... or all sorts of other things. Probably a random collection! 

So keep a look out in the next week or so! 



Sunday, 15 April 2012

How To Be Happy.

How shall we make life joyous? 
"Not by the mirth unblest
Of the giddy dance, or the song profane
Or the wild, unguarded jest.
By the love of all things good and fair, 
Sunshine and books and flowers;
By the smile of God upon guileless joys
Let us gladden our youthful hours."

How shall we make home happy?
"Not by pert look or tone, 
Or the roving feet that haunt the street
While the mother toils alone.
By the tired father's ready chair,
Bright hearth, and neat-spread board;
By a willing hand, and a smiling lip,
And a heart with kindness stored."

How shall we look the fairest?
"Not by the vain display
Of flaunting fashions and foolish airs,
That turn wise hearts away.
But the light of truth in a quiet eye,
And a modest maiden grace, 
With a rosy smile of sweet content,
Make fair the homeliest face."

How shall we give God glory?
"By doing what good we can
Unto all and each, within our reach,
Bird, beast, or child, or man;
By keeping still from the snares of ill
Which lure on every side;
Sheltered and safe, 'neath the prayer of faith.
Lord Jesus, be our Guide!"

C.T. Pringle



Friday, 13 April 2012

New Magazines.

I discovered two magazines today that I had never seen before. They looked to be just my cup of tea so I simply couldn't resist them! 

The first magazine is called Landscape and this is the launch issue. Very exciting! The description says life at nature's pace which sounds lovely. 

This issue covers cottage garden charm, your best beans, making bunting, cuckoos as well as many more country and garden related topics. The photographs are beautiful! 

The magazine cover. 

Rhubarb recipes. 

Bells in Bloom. 

The second magazine is called Land Love - loving the simpler things in life. How sweet that sounds! This is also the first issue and the magazine has been released at the same time as Landscape and shares a similar title and the front covers look quite alike. They are produced by different publishers though! 

Some topics in this issue are dreaming of lilac time, with a cherry on top, my chocolate box cottage and give a hoot for the little owl. A wide range is covered here from gardening to crafts and the photography is stunning! 

The magazine cover. 


Crystallised flowers. 

I am looking forward to sitting down to savour them! Welcome additions to the magazine world and far more interesting than vacuous celebrity magazines. Both are bi-monthly magazines based around the countryside and changing season and apparently aimed at women over 35. Perhaps I am a little old in my tastes! I think I will be subscribing in addition to my long standing devotion to Country Living magazine. 



St Peter's Church in Harrogate.

I went on a little trip yesterday! We went to Harrogate and spent the day shopping and having afternoon tea. It was a lovely day. It was cool and there were intermittent cloudy spells but the rain held off until we were heading home. Such good timing!  

The church is currently undergoing a bit of a makeover so I was limited with which angles I could use. I did try though and here are the results! 

The church was built in the 1870s and is a lovely Victorian building. It is right at the heart of Harrogate just beside the town square. I would have loved to have had the chance to wander about inside and to see the famous stained glass windows. Maybe on another trip! 



Monday, 9 April 2012

At The Door.

In Holman Hunt's great picture, called "The Light of the World," we see One with patient, gentle face, standing at a door which is ivy-covered, as if long closed. He is girt with the priestly breastplate. He bears in His hand the lamp of truth. He stands and knocks. There is no answer, and He still stands and knocks. His eye tells of love; His face beams with yearning. You look closely, and you perceive that there is no knob or latch on the outside of the door. It can only be opened from within. 

Do you not see the meaning? The Spirit of God comes to your heart's door and knocks. He stands there while storms gather and break upon His unsheltered head, while the sun declines, and night comes on with its chills and its heavy dews. 

He waits and knocks, but you must open the door yourself. The only latch is inside. 

J. R. Miller



Sunday, 8 April 2012

He is Risen.

He isn't here! He is risen from the dead, just as He said would happen. 

Matthew 28 : 6

Happy Easter everyone! 



Saturday, 7 April 2012

Giving Up All.

Every man  who desires the pearl of great price must sacrifice his all to buy it. It is not enough to see the beauty and the glory and almost to taste the joy of this wonderful life; you must become the possessor of it. The man had found and seen, desired and rejoiced in, the pearl of great price; but he did not have it until he gave up everything and bought it. 

You cannot live every day in perfect fellowship with God without giving up time to it. Hours, and days, and weeks, and months, and years are gladly given up by men and women to perfect themselves in some profession or accomplishment. Do you expect that religion is so cheap that without giving time you can find close fellowship with God? You cannot. But, my brothers and sisters, this pearl is worth everything. If you find that there is a struggle within the heart, never mind. By Gods's grace, if you will lie at His feet, you may depend upon it deliverance will come. 

Andrew Murray. 

I thought that becoming a Christian would make my life easier. I imagined that life would be simpler if I trusted my path to God. The Bible seemed like the guide to life book that offered all that missing guidance. This idea that you couldn't go off track appealed to me. 

What I found was that life after becoming a Christian was hard! I struggle to trust God completely as, I think, I am just so used to doing what I wanted and not thinking about the consequences. I still feel like I am wandering off my path and find it hard to see what I am achieving in my life. Looking for a purpose! It is hard too because, although the Bible has so much advice and wisdom, I am now held to a higher standard. God sees my heart so all the grey areas suddenly seem so much darker. It is much harder to justify certain thoughts and actions when you know that God sees and cares. 

My faith is so comforting to me and, even after my shaky moments, I always go back to it. It is like I have been lead home to who I should be and why. Even when I was unsure of my belief in God, He was sure of me. I wonder if He knew that I would eventually find my faith and change my heart. I wonder if He knew that, hard as it is, it is the most worthwhile choice I have ever made. In that sense becoming a Christian is easy as it is the right and good thing to do despite all the challenges and obstacles that arise from this choice. It takes time and effort, falling down and getting back up, and trusting your steps to be placed exactly right even when you can't see the path. 

The endless question of "God, are you there?" is always answered "yes" whether it is a small voice in your heart or a sign in your life. God is always there. 



Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Old Sketch Book.

I was rummaging around in all my craft stuff looking for a particular book when I found my old sketch book! It must be ten years old. I always used to have either a book or a pencil in my hand! I never had the patience for oils but water colouring really suited me. I loved all the different effects! Generally my subjects were flowers, kind of like now with my photographs. I hadn't thought of that before! 

I thought I would share some of my childish scribbles here. Promise not to laugh! 

I wish I had kept on with drawing and water colour painting as I might actually have some skill by now! I wonder where my book of angst ridden teenage poetry is. On second thoughts, I would rather not find that! 

Makes me want to dig out my paints again! 



Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sparrows in the Garden.

I have been trying really hard to get some photographs of the birds in the garden. Clear ones rather than fuzzy ones where the bird has moved or my arm shakes. Most photographs end up with just the tail of the bird in them as it flies away! 

Not fantastic shots by any means but each photograph has a bird in it! I think that sparrows are so sweet.  They sit in the trees and just tweet away to each other. They can get quite noisy. Apart from when they are sand bathing in my new vegetable plot!