Monday, 5 March 2012

Pocket Money.

I remember always being so excited to get pocket money from my parents. Each Sunday I would be given pocket money for the coming week. Of course, this depended on my behaviour in the previous week! If I had talked back, been disrespectful, or not kept my room tidy I wouldn't get anything that week. 

It was money that I could spend on whatever I wanted. I felt so rich to have those pennies in my hand! Then came the choice between spending straight away or saving it towards a bigger purchase like books. The most exciting thing to buy! 

So when I saw this purse it brought all those memories back. Spending hours in a bookshop choosing exactly which book I wanted, skipping to the corner shop to buy penny sweets (fried eggs, jelly rings, cola bottles and chocolate mice) and buying art supplies. I still spend money on the same things now! 

It is amazing how such a small thing can bring back so many memories!




  1. I agree, small things can surely bring back so many memories. I have my own scrapbook where I post the letters of my friends which we wrote during classes or a card which they gave me on my birthday or the first rose and chocolates I revived on valentines day.

    It always feels good to see the back and remember those awesome moments! :)

  2. I did a post recently on scrapbooks - I really like the idea!

    I also have a folder full of pages ripped from magazines (photographs, articles, recipes, etc.) but they still need organising!