Thursday, 8 March 2012

Patterns and More Fabric.

So I went back to look at the new fabrics again. Not a shock really! I really like 8 of the 10 designs so at least I won't be buying all of them. I managed to resist for a few days at least. Once I decide what to make I will be able to go back and look at thread, ribbon, lace and buttons. So exciting! 

So pretty! I would love a room dedicated to crafts and sewing but, alas, there isn't the space available for that. I think I would be a lot more inclined to sew if the sewing machine was set up all the time. I have a little sewing box which has most things that I would need and last month I treated myself to some pinking shears and fabric scissors. 

This blue is the same pattern as the pink fabric I bought the other day. It just looks so bright and cheery without being overpowering. I think it helps that the pattern is small! 

There were quite a few variations of this fabric available. This one which is pink, a yellow one, a green one and a blue one. If I use this kind to make clothing it will definitely have to be lined as the sun would shine straight through it! 

The patterns are currently on sale for £2.95 each which is a big saving! It seemed like the ideal time to stock up as I only have a couple of patterns and rather a lot of fabric. These patterns are marked as "easy" so I thought they would make a good starting point for me. I do want to make a pretty apron though! 

I also bought these for when I am a bit more experienced with sewing. They look much more complicated but, to my unskilled eye, the easy ones don't look all that straightforward! The sale isn't on for long and, as they didn't have many patterns left, I hope they get another delivery before the price goes back up. I would love to make some nightgowns and then embroider details onto them. I am getting a bit carried away now! 

Now I am searching for a book on home dressmaking as there are no courses on the subject available around here. 

Do you sew your own clothes? How did you learn? 




  1. Hi Jenny,

    I sewed my own clothes when I was in college. I still enjoy sewing a lot even tho I don't do clothes for myself anymore. My mother taught me some things and then a friend's mother showed me more, the rest I just figured out for myself. Most patterns, if you read them thoroughly are pretty self explanatory and usually some tips and directions are included. I would get some plain muslin and do a practice dress before you use your pretty cloth. Usually fitting an item to your particular shape is the most difficult part and you can make changes in the pattern if necessary before you do the item you plan to actually wear. Try the apron first, then the nightgown and last the dress :-)

  2. They are lovely patterns and I wish I could sew so I could make things like that. My mum taught me to sew and sent me to classes, but I am very much out of practice. Only today I bought a "how to sew" bible that I am hoping will help. I think I need to take Sian's advice and make an apron first.

  3. Sian - good idea! Aprons seem quite simple or as simple as you make them but I like the idea of a nightgown - after all I don't have to wear it outside! Plus I could practise my non-existent embroidery skills.

    Joluise - I have been looking for classes but can't find one. I have a Homestead Blessings DVD on sewing so hoping that will help! I have seen some lovely sewing books from the 1950s on the internet.

    1. Jenny, I have the Blessings "sewing" DVD and it was a great help and only this weekend I bought a very useful book on how to sew - breaking each step down with photos. I just need to built up my confidences!!