Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Sewing Box.

With all my posts recently about fabric and dressmaking I thought it was about time I shared my sewing box! It sits on my hope chest in the corner of my room. I keep it in here as it is so handy if I need to sew on a button or fix a hem. That makes me sound much more domestically minded that I actually am! I am trying to improve my skills though. 

I had been looking for a sewing box for quite some time when I spotted this one and fell in love! It is just the cutest little cottage! It is a really practical size for a beginner at sewing. A more experienced sewer might find it a little small for all their bits and bobs. It is too pretty to hide away in a cupboard!

I adore the red fabric with white spots as it is so cheerful and inspires me to get on with my projects! I try to keep it tidy and to put things back after I have used them so that I can always find whatever I want right away. 

It is a little messy inside at the moment with random buttons floating about! Plus the gold jingle bells that I haven't found a home for yet. 

I am not entirely sure what these two elasticated pockets are designed for but I use them to store my coloured cotton! 

My new scissors and pinking shears! Love these and I made sure that I bought good quality ones. Also in the bottom compartment are some pins, neutral thread, tailor's chalk, various tins and some ladybird buttons. The buttons are destined to become part of an apron if I can figure out a design as cute as they are!




  1. I love your sewing box! So cute!

  2. Absolutely adorable! Can you tell us where you bought it?


  3. It is from Cath Kidston - not sure if the exact one is still available but there is a really sweet cottage one with a red wicker lid.

  4. What a cute, cute box! I just had to laugh at your comment about the gold jingle bells not having a home. My sewing box is also home to a number of these kinds of miscellaneous objects. ;o)