Saturday, 24 March 2012

Growing Strawberries.

This year, as part of my great garden project, I am going to try to grow strawberries. I am starting with two plants as I thought that this would be more foolproof than growing from seed. Plus I already have a long list of plants to grow from seed! 

After much deliberation I chose the variety called Cambridge Favourite. This is quite a well known variety and  is a reliable type that produces lots of medium sized fruit. It is also suited for jam making and freezing! It is fast growing and hardy so very good for a beginner like me. 

All planted up in their pots! I made a bit of a mess with the compost though! Luckily the compost that suits the strawberries will also suit the blueberry plant that is on the way. 

I am also going to try to grow some alpine strawberries from seed. Not sure how that will work out! These are very dainty plants with tiny fruit. 

Gardening is much more exciting than I ever expected! I am so glad that the evenings are staying lighter for longer so I can get out into the garden after work. 

What are you planning for your garden this year? 




  1. I just brought home a load of brick/stone things to build a low wall with. I hope it keeps the mulch I put down last year from sliding off the slope I want it to be on.

    I don't get to set out any plants until mid-May but then a friend has promised me some raspberry sets from her yard. she says they grow well. Last fall she brought over some dry leaves and some llama poo to amend the soil and says I should be able to have a nice vegetable patch. Deer and rabbits are a big problem so I may not be too adventurous with it, though..


  2. We have come to the end of summer and all my vegetables have been dug up - I was very disappointed in my strawberries (I have 8 plants) - they would only produce 4-5 strawberries a day, not enough for a meal!! In fact all my vegetables (excluding the tomatoes) did very poorly this year thanks to hardly any hot weather and to much rain. I am hoping to plant some beetroot and some silver beet for winter.

  3. Sian - I would LOVE some raspberry bushes but there isn't really room in the garden! Or blackberries .... It turns out that the garden is too small.

    We don't have problems with deer or rabbits (sounds exciting to have them that close!) only pigeons and sparrows.

    Joluise - so strange to think that you are coming to the end of Summer! I just have 2 plants (the alpine seeds are showing NO signs of life) but they are growing bigger. Still hopeful!

    There are already reports here that parts of the country are in drought - really early for that and it is a bit worrying really.