Saturday, 3 March 2012

Floral Fabric.

There was a new delivery of fabric to one of my favourite shops! Boyes is a really random shop and sell clothes, household products, sweets, books and, best of all, craft supplies. It is a bit hit and miss regarding their stock but it is the best shop locally to get craft bits. 

I popped in at lunchtime and they had just had a delivery of new fabric! This was exciting in itself but the fabric was a selection of really pretty floral designs on cotton. I have been looking for decent cotton fabric for so long! The last few months they only seem to have had sheer or stretchy fabric delivered. 

They had 10 different designs and I chose two of my favourites to buy. I will probably go back and buy some more as I doubt it will be around for long. 

The question now is what to make? Maybe an apron, a skirt or a dress. Perhaps cushion covers, a picnic blanket or some kitchen accessories. So many options! I do find it hard to make that first cut into a piece of pretty fabric. I had better start using some of my fabric though as I have quite a collection now!




  1. Hi - I just popped over from LadyLydia's blog (I left you a message there on how sad I was that people ridicule you for your choice of hobbies).

    These are so pretty, I love fabric like this. I have been making small gifts for birthdays (see link from October 2011) - I am always on the lookout for feminine fabric. These are fun to make and quite easy.

    God Bless

  2. Floral fabrics are so pretty! You could make sheets and pillow covers. Or covers for throw pillows for your couch. Seat cushions for your dining chairs. Great to redecorate in the spring!

  3. Joluise - thank you! I think I will be getting a few of the other fabric designs. It is so hard to find decent quality fabric here! I must make a plan of projects and stock up on fabric.

    Loredana - I love floral! These are really Spring-like. Nothing like flowers to get you ready for the warmer weather and Spring cleaning!