Monday, 19 March 2012

Farm Visit.

I took a trip to a nearby farm shop today. It is surrounded by fields and has sheep and a few little piggies nearby! 

I love visiting this shop as all the vegetables are so fresh and very good value for money compared to the local supermarket. Unfortunately, all of the fruit and vegetable shops in the town have closed down. They just couldn't compete with the supermarket prices. I understand that everyone has to be careful with money in this economic climate but I feel that something special has been lost. That personal side to shopping and knowing the name of the shop owner and being able to ask which local farm the produce came from.  

Society has lost something and I don't think it will ever get it back. These local shops were reducing in number when I was young but the next generation won't have any memories of them at all. Imagine only knowing supermarkets! Being so removed from your food all packaged up neatly and flown half way around the world to get to you. 

My dream would be shopping in little village shops with a wicker shopping basket over my arm! Shopping with the seasons rather than everything being available all year round. 




  1. I share your views. I wish there were some small produce stands around here year round. In the summer each small town (and sometimes big cities) have a weekly farmer's market. They set up tents on an empty parking lot and individuals sell whatever they have grown, made, baked or whatever. Everything from fresh honey to bread and meat from local ranches and LOTS of fresh fruits and vegetable. I usually go sort of crazy and buy way more than we can eat :-) But it's one of the blessings of summer :-)

  2. In our city we are fortunate to have a number of fruit and veg stores that seem to be flourishing considering the pressure that the big supermarkets put on them. We also have a lovely rustic shopping strip (that we call The Markets) that is full of fruit and veg stores, butchers, bakery, florist and several continental shops that are mostly locally sourced. I think you would love it as I often see ladies with their baskets!! It isn't always cheaper than the supermarkets, but at least you know it is Australian and local.

    I love the fact that things aren't wrapped in plastic and not processed.

  3. PS I wrote a story only the other day about modern children don't have a clue where their food comes from - and part of this is because they haven't expereinced shopping in these old fashion markets and see real food.

  4. Sian - There is a monthly farmer's market here. The next on is on Sunday! I wasn't that impressed last time but I might give it another try. I think I would go crazy and buy everything too!

    Joluise - it is scary that children don't know where food comes from! I wonder if it affects whether they care how the food is produced (animal care / chemicals / air miles) because they are so removed from it.