Sunday, 11 March 2012

Early Morning in the Garden.

I woke up to the dawn chorus and the promise of a sunny day! It would have felt like a waste if I had gone back to sleep for a couple of hours so up I got. I managed to get a head start on my list of jobs for the day. I was out and gardening while the grass was still shimmering with dew! 

My vegetable plot has been dug over and is just waiting for me to get on with the task of adding some stepping stones and deciding what to plant. I am not entirely sure what placement of stones to have. It is a small rectangle so I don't want to lose too much planting space but I can't reach all of it to garden. Will have to have a play around! The area of the garden where I will be growing salads is ready too. I have also ordered some plants! I can hardly wait for them to arrive. My order is for a blueberry plant ( I have the perfect deep blue pot for this) as well as three fruit trees. I ordered two varieties of apple tree and a cherry tree. I would have loved a couple of pear trees and a plum tree but I only have a small garden. Not suitable for a full orchard! I needed two apple trees as, around here, people are more likely to be cutting them down rather than planting them and two are needed for pollination. I was careful to pick two from the same flowering category! 

As I was out in the garden I decided to take some photographs too. I am sure this will shock you! 

Dew on a daffodil. I love that my camera can capture these tiny details. Before I started taking photographs I would probably walked past this flower without noticing that it was decorated with glistening dew. 

The first hyacinth to flower in the garden. There are so many more still in bud form. Pink ones, white ones, and more blue ones! Most of them started off in a pot in my bedroom and were then planted outside. They do so well! The bulbs seem to spilt so a plant that had one flower many have three or four in a few years time. 

I am scared of bees. Not as scared as I am of wasps but still pretty scared! Luckily this bee was sleepy and was resting on a daffodil to warm up in the early morning sun. If it had flown towards me I would have squeaked and run! 

A ladybird! Such a cute bug and seeing one always makes me think that Spring is well on the way. The tulip leaves are just emerging now and violets, cowslips and bluebells are not far behind. It is such an exciting time in the garden! 

A little bit of colour in the garden but the promise of so much more yet to come! There are so many plants just poking their leaves out of the ground to test the air. I imagine it is like me dipping my toe into the pool to see if it is warm enough yet. 

Just look at that blue sky! Not a cloud to be seen anywhere. I hope this means that the bad weather is behind us for the year. On to Spring, sunshine and picnic weather! 




  1. I love the picture of the daffodil with the ladybug on it, so cute!

  2. There are so many ladybirds in the garden this year - not sure why!

  3. Here, too--we call them ladybugs in the US :) I posted pictures of daffodils and tulips on my blog. Flowers are springing up early this year!

  4. I love the garden at this time of year - there is always something to photograph!