Friday, 23 March 2012

Early Blossoms.

Trees here have been slowly coming into blossom. All week I have been so wishing I could take photographs of the flowers but generally I was scurrying to or from work. Finally I have had time to capture the fleeting blooms! It was a little windy so keeping the flowers in focus was a bit tricky but the blossoms looked like snow falling and were whipped up by the breeze until they circled and danced in the air! 

I love the contrast between the pure blossoms and the weather worn and mossy bark.  I tried to experiment with focussing on flowers in the foreground and blurring those further away. Some of the shots worked! 

Some of the trees have only a few blossoms scattered along their branches but others where absolutely covered! Walking under those was like being under the prettiest umbrella especially when the sun was shining though. 

I just want to be out taking photographs every day. Spring is amazing! 




  1. Such beautiful pictures! I love the mossy bark in the background, it reminds me of long dreamy afternoons spent by a stream in a park near my house when I was a teenager. Where I am now it's very dry and the summer will be long, hot and dusty. For me spring is a very mixed blessing..

  2. Lovely pictures...... :)Thanks for commenting on my blog. Have a wonderful day!
    In Him,Tessa

  3. This year is supposed to be dry here too - there is already talk of drought and hosepipe bans. It hasn't rained at all for a couple of weeks which is odd for this time of year.