Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cute Erasers.

Saw these and just couldn't resist them! They are from Accessorize and there is a lot of pretty pens and stationery on there at the moment. I will have to avoid the site for a while as I spotted some lovely handbags and I really don't need another! 

They come in a sweet little pot. I love anything like this to be honest! Why have something plain and dull when there is a pretty alternative? 

Smiley little bunnies! Not sure I will dare to use them. Might have to force myself as I am working on not keeping things just for best as they end up dusty in a cupboard somewhere. 




  1. I love cute little things like this. I saw these the other day in the shop but resisted and bought some cute stickers instead with old fashioned sweetie jars on them. They reminded me of the sweetie jars you used to see in the shops when I was younger. I also spotted the pocket money purse so snapped that up too.
    Sarah x

  2. Adorable.

    I would be tempted to buy them too :)

  3. I love stickers too! There are some very pretty ones around at the moment!