Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Bride's Book.

This book was a little eBay bargain! I love the idea that a new bride in the 1940s having this book and studying it while moving into her new life. It has certainly been well read! It is still in lovely condition though and whoever has owned it over the years has really taken care of it. It is my responsibility now! 

The book covers everything from preparing for the wedding including dress and trousseau to beauty and health right through to home decorating and recipes! It was published in 1938 and it is a glimpse into the past. 

It teaches the young bride how to plan meals for a week and how to organise your shopping list as well as basic cookery skills and plenty of recipes. Some are a little strange and call for eels or rabbit!

I can imagine this book being so useful to a bride who was moving out and into her own home for the first time. It must have been exciting and scary all at once to have all that responsibility! I think that this book would have been referred to again and again. 

I love this advertisement! The table is set, the flowers are arranged and the hostess is dressed prettily. I found the chapter on the supply cupboard really interesting. I try to keep all of the basics in stock plus things like tins of soup, fruit and vegetables. After all, some days are so busy there isn't time to prepare a meal from scratch! 

As I am learning to sew, the home dressmaking section came at the right time! It assumes that you have basic skills though which I am sadly lacking. It explains how to use paper patterns and equipment needed as well as how to choose the colours that will suit you. For my colouring and brunette hair it recommends rose, pale grey, jade and mauve. 




  1. That sounds like a great book! I'll bet it's out of copyright, so maybe you could copy/scan and sell it? It looks SO helpful!

  2. Thats my sort of book - I buy old cookbooks/home management books and I love to read how women use to live. What a great find.

  3. Oh, Jenny, you seem to be able to find the very best books! This one looks just up my alley. Does it have any information about a hope chest (or bottom drawer) and what a bride might have put away? What a fascinating book!

  4. I love this sort of book - and magazines from that era as well!

    It has two chapters on your trousseau but they only really cover clothing and how to determine what suits you.

    My favourite book on hope chests is The Hope Chest - A Legacy of Love by Rebekah Wilson. That covers pretty much everything on the subject!