Saturday, 25 February 2012


So I finally joined Twitter! A little late I know but better late than never. I have seen it mentioned everywhere by friends, blogs and celebrities and the idea of it really interested me!

My Twitter name is jenny_giggles which is pretty random I know! It is only day one but I like it. So far it seems like each tweet is a baby blog post! Short, sweet and to the point. 140 characters certainly restricts my rambling at least! I like that it is so instant. I can update from anywhere! 

Do you have a Twitter account? I am looking for new people to follow! I have put a link in the sidebar to my profile so feel free to check it out. 




  1. Yes... I do @MadgeBloom - Love those roses!

  2. I hope you don't mind that I put you on my blog roll.

  3. Oh thank you - that is lovely!

  4. I joined once a few years ago and then cancelled pretty quickly afterward. Then one of my teens urged me to join, so I signed up again. I almost cancelled within the first few hours, and remembered why I cancelled in the first place: I was getting invites from total strangers, most of whom had names that sounded like they were strippers or something. Like...WHAT???

    I figured out how to set the settings to not allow total strangers to add me, and then I haven't been back since. Maybe I'll check it out again sometime. I can't even remember how to get there now, though, nor what my username was, and it's only been a few weeks! LOL!