Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Bedside Cabinet.

I thought I would share a few photographs of my bedside cabinet now that I have finally sorted it out! Up until recently it was just a place where I kept my ever growing reading pile! 

The baskets hide the practical things that would look messy if they weren't contained. Various chargers and batteries are in the top basket and the lower one contains pens, post it notes and little bits and bobs like paper clips. The silver star is made of little bells and is technically a Christmas decoration. I just couldn't put it away! The dog ornament on the bottom shelf was given to me by my Grandma when my dog died and she was given it when her dog died many years before I was born. 

You can just see my apron collection hanging on the back of the door! I love my wall colour. When I was deciding on how to decorate my room I originally wanted a deep pink carpet but went for the safer choice of cream that matched with my furniture. 

I like having pretty things around me! All the flowers and ruffles just seem so feminine to me. The cloth was embroidered by my Grandmother. I would love to have the skill to do that! I wish that I had appreciated her skills when I was younger. 

My Mum bought me this little ornament. I think it is adorable! I think that wrens are one of the sweetest birds in England and not just because they are known as Jenny wrens. It is one of the best birthday gifts that I have ever received! 

Inside the very handy drawer! All sorts of things that are useful to have to hand such as bookmarks, a notebook, a pen and a torch. The cross came from a gift shop in Ripon cathedral and I am a recent convert to  Rose Petal Salve and not just because of the pretty tin! It smells divine like old fashioned roses with velvety petals. 

It looks very tidy but you can't see my pile of books that I am either in the process of or about to read! I feel like my room is really starting to reflect me. I love having a cosy corner to escape to and to have somewhere to sit and read or write letters! 




  1. Beautiful.:) Enjoy your little sanctuary. I believe they really make a difference in our overall dispositions. Most aesthetic things do.:)

  2. How very sweet and I love how organized you are. Makes life so much easier.

  3. I love it! Makes me miss having a drawer next to my bed to fill with things that are just mine :)