Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring is Springing.

The garden is slowly coming back to life. It seems that for the past few months the only colour has been from evergreen plants and bright berries. Now, everywhere I look there is new life bursting from the ground. The garden has been hibernating!

A few photographs from my garden. I do hope that the snow and frost has passed now! Roll on flip flop weather! Not long until the daffodils and tulips start to bloom. There are already buds on the daffodils but the tulips will probably be at least another month. There are red and pink tulips planted in the garden and they still flower even though they have been there for about 10 years.  

Every time I go to the supermarket I am so tempted by all the lovely bulbs on sale. I have already bought a pot of mini daffodils and one of snowdrops! The problem is finding space in the garden to plant them afterwards. Especially as I am trying to make room for salads and vegetables. I would like some English bluebells though as they would look lovely under the silver birch tree. 

I need to get out into the garden and get the weeding done! Soon it will still be light enough when I get home from work as now I try and fit everything into my weekends. 

I love Spring! The time of year when Spring moves into Summer is my favourite. 

I am looking forward to ....

trips to the beach and it being warm enough to paddle in the sea. 
picnics with a big blanket, lovely food and a good book.
lying back in a field and cloud watching.
long, light evenings. 

What are you looking forward to about the better weather? 



Saturday, 25 February 2012


So I finally joined Twitter! A little late I know but better late than never. I have seen it mentioned everywhere by friends, blogs and celebrities and the idea of it really interested me!

My Twitter name is jenny_giggles which is pretty random I know! It is only day one but I like it. So far it seems like each tweet is a baby blog post! Short, sweet and to the point. 140 characters certainly restricts my rambling at least! I like that it is so instant. I can update from anywhere! 

Do you have a Twitter account? I am looking for new people to follow! I have put a link in the sidebar to my profile so feel free to check it out. 



Friday, 24 February 2012

Yellow Roses.

Yellow is such a cheerful colour! It reminds me of many things that I love - sunshine, chicks, marzipan, canaries, custard and lemons. 

And roses! My favourite roses are generally pink or red and it never occurs to me to choose any other colour when buying roses for myself. 

These were a gift so were chosen for me. The intention was to cheer me up and they certainly did that! I was having one of those weeks and the flowers and the thought behind them truly brightened my mood!

Like sunshine in a vase! I smile each time I look at them! 



Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Bedside Cabinet.

I thought I would share a few photographs of my bedside cabinet now that I have finally sorted it out! Up until recently it was just a place where I kept my ever growing reading pile! 

The baskets hide the practical things that would look messy if they weren't contained. Various chargers and batteries are in the top basket and the lower one contains pens, post it notes and little bits and bobs like paper clips. The silver star is made of little bells and is technically a Christmas decoration. I just couldn't put it away! The dog ornament on the bottom shelf was given to me by my Grandma when my dog died and she was given it when her dog died many years before I was born. 

You can just see my apron collection hanging on the back of the door! I love my wall colour. When I was deciding on how to decorate my room I originally wanted a deep pink carpet but went for the safer choice of cream that matched with my furniture. 

I like having pretty things around me! All the flowers and ruffles just seem so feminine to me. The cloth was embroidered by my Grandmother. I would love to have the skill to do that! I wish that I had appreciated her skills when I was younger. 

My Mum bought me this little ornament. I think it is adorable! I think that wrens are one of the sweetest birds in England and not just because they are known as Jenny wrens. It is one of the best birthday gifts that I have ever received! 

Inside the very handy drawer! All sorts of things that are useful to have to hand such as bookmarks, a notebook, a pen and a torch. The cross came from a gift shop in Ripon cathedral and I am a recent convert to  Rose Petal Salve and not just because of the pretty tin! It smells divine like old fashioned roses with velvety petals. 

It looks very tidy but you can't see my pile of books that I am either in the process of or about to read! I feel like my room is really starting to reflect me. I love having a cosy corner to escape to and to have somewhere to sit and read or write letters! 



Monday, 13 February 2012

Keep a "REM" Book.

I read about this idea in a copy of the Heiress magazine from February 1953 and it is just so quaint and adorable that I had to share it!

A "REM" or remembrance book, is a personal store-house of memories and events, and keeping one is a fascinating and inexpensive hobby. This year - Coronation Year - you will have a host of special memories to store. 

Girls of Victorian days were encouraged by fond Mamas to keep these books, and the habit has lingered. 

The tools for making a "REM" book are few. A medium-sized exercise book is ideal (first attempts are best made on a small scale), plus a pot of paste, a roll of Cellotape - and plenty of enthusiasm. 

Where do you begin? Last month, perhaps, you attended a concert and the programme is still on the mantelpiece; you received a "good luck" telegram before you started your new job; and there is that label from the champagne bottle for brother Bill's twenty-first birthday party. All these make a start to your book. 

Fabric and "bumpy" objects cannot always be pasted in, but neat strips of Cellotape will solve the problem. Date each item entered, and write a few explanatory lines underneath. 

Once you have begun "REM" collecting, you will find yourself taking more interest in the people you meet, and the places you visit. 

The oddest things will find their way into your collection - cinema tickets, postcards, pressed flowers, snippets from your first evening dress, letters from friends, luggage labels, and so on. They all go to make up a record of your activities, which would otherwise be forgotten, perhaps. 

Girls who keep "REMs" from an early age will get endless pleasure from their books in years to come, although the greatest fun certainly lies in the collecting and compiling. Your first "diary" of souvenirs will soon become just one of a small library. 

Collecting articles and information may at first seem hard work, but once the first blank pages are filled, you will find "REMs" come your way without any hunting. A wet afternoon will never be dull when you have a store of treasures to paste into an ever-thickening volume. There is also the satisfaction of knowing that, however bad your memory may be, days you have enjoyed can always be brought to mind by the turn of a page. 

Your "REM" book remembers for you, so why not start one right away?

Anne Oliver. 

I have a pretty scrapbook just waiting for the perfect inspiration. At the moment it seems like sacrilege to write, draw and stick items to those clean, bright pages! I do like the idea of pasting pictures, mementoes as well as ribbons and lace on to the pages. I have some vintage magazines that are in very poor condition that could be used in this way. One is all about the Queen's coronation so that feels like a fitting place to start especially in this year which marks her Diamond Jubilee! 



Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow in February.

Yesterday afternoon it began to snow, exactly as predicted on the weather forecast. At first it just looked like there was a light dusting of icing sugar across the streets and gardens but soon it began to settle in earnest until there were about 3 inches of snow on the ground.

Just hoping it doesn't get icy! Can't complain though as, compared to last Winter, this one has been very mild thus far.

Have you had much snow this Winter? 



Friday, 3 February 2012

How You Look and Dress.

I have a new book! Well, technically it is an old book as it was printed in 1959. I love the fashions and the look of the 1950s. The full skirts, tiny waists, pretty cardigans and matching handbags and gloves. Oh and hats! 

This book covers an amazing number of topics! From grooming and clothing care to how to match colours and using a sewing machine. It was a school textbook and it must have been lovely to learn all about clothes and making clothing while young. 

The book introduction says 

"The objectives of this book are:

To arouse a real interest in clothing.
To develop good habits in work and orderliness.
To create a desire for attractive personal appearance. 
To stimulate a pride in neat sewing by hand.
To stress the importance of accuracy in taking measurements.
To make for a better understanding of fabrics in general.
To cultivate the ability to plan for and make simple garments. 
To encourage an interest in the remodelling and repair of clothing."

I wish I could make clothing! I think it would be a wonderful skill to have. I plan on learning to sew soon then I will be able to create all the designs I have in my mind. There are even vintage sewing patterns for sale from the 1950s!  

I love the emphasis on the waist! It is a very feminine look in my opinion. Nothing is too obvious and it is classy rather than trashy. Such a ladylike look! Neat as a pin and stylish too. 

I love the dresses shown above! I am a big fan of white collars on dresses! They look so bright and fresh. As the book is aimed at students, the outfits are practical and comfortable. The kind of outfit you put on in a morning and then don't have to think about all day. 

"For lounging, most girls prefer housecoats because they can be worn for working around the house as well as for lounging." I never thought I would say this but I want a housecoat! Why not wear something pretty and neat for housework. 

I am looking forward to sitting down and reading though this book. I am sure it will contain many snippets for useful information. A wonderful addition to my collection of 1950s books! 



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