Saturday, 28 January 2012

Frosty Garden.

I love how frost sparkles in the sunlight! It was so cold that my fingers were freezing while I was taking photographs. Worth it though!



Monday, 23 January 2012

New Handbag.

I received this today in the post and I am so excited! I had seen it previously but just happened to check back on the website to see that it had a sale discount on it. I don't have any patterned handbags .... justifying my purchase now! 

The handle is the perfect length to wear over my shoulder or to carry it by hand.

Love the print! I can't wait until Spring so I can use it!



Thursday, 19 January 2012

Frosted Roses.

Love the combination of roses blooming and frosty weather. I have never known both to occur at once! One benefit of the crazy weather here and a great opportunity to take photographs. 



Saturday, 14 January 2012

I think I have a few too many ....

fabric flowers! 

I have all different sizes and colours. Some look realistic and others are huge silky creations. 

I wear them in my hair generally when it is in a half-up style just to add that bit of interest. Many also have a  clip on the back so I can pin them to my coats and jackets for a hint of femininity. 

I love these girly little extras and, in addition to my flower collection, I have bows and a variety of hair bands and ribbons. Love them! Especially when I have my hair in a curly style. 



Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Hint of Spring.

Spring seems so far away! Dark mornings, dark evenings and cold weather. Imagine how scary it would be if you didn't know that Spring would follow Winter. It already seems like Winter has been here for such a long time but at least it will soon be Spring. I am looking for the first signs of Spring on my walks. Little buds poking up from the cold soil, bravely testing the air to see if it is time to bloom. Birds begin collecting material for their nests and soon will be franticly flying to and fro to feed their little families. I love that the days get longer in Spring and I miss the light early mornings and waking to the sound of birds singing. 

In an attempt to convince myself that Spring really is on the way I now have a little pot of narcissus bulbs on my windowsill. 

All that potential hidden away just waiting for the right time to burst out in wonderful colour! 

While the garden seems dormant it isn't really. I am sure that there is much going on under the soil! All preparing for Spring. There is a lot to do in the garden at this time. I am clearing leaves and cutting back shrubs and adding the cuttings to my compost bin. I am also planning what I want to grow this year and I really need to get on with it as I need to order the fruit trees soon. It is quite a scary thing to do as there still could be a frost! So far this Winter has been mild compared to the last one but there could still be snow which would damage the trees. 

Between my Kitchen Garden book, the book on Self Sufficiency and Keepers at Home magazine I am starting to feel like a real gardener!