Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 in Review.

Now seems to be the ideal time to reflect back on the previous year as I am making my Resolutions for the New Year. Christmas is over and my week off work is almost over too. I have been feeling quite introspective recently, probably a combination of the time of year and being ill. This gave me more time than usual to just think about what I have learnt and achieved and which aims for the past year I didn't meet and also how to take these lessons into the future so I can progress even more in the coming year. 

I have had some successes and some failures with my Resolutions! As I expected really as I am not perfect (not by a long shot) and life sometimes gets in the way. I set my Resolutions and in a perfect and ordered world I would achieve them all. The thing is that life gets complicated and other things become priorities so it is then a case of what matters more. 

Last Year's Resolutions in Review. 

1, I aimed to spend more time reading my Bible and I have! I read much more often now and am signed up for a second session of GMG for the new year. I think this has really helped me to be stronger in my faith and I am so much more open about it now. Even around non-believers which was something quite scary to me this time last year. I still need to do more though and aim to read most days!

2, I have made various starts at a healthier lifestyle during the past year but not on a long term basis. It seems like I start off really well then something stressful happens or I get busy and I end up back where I started! I need to form life long habit. Back on the list!

3, Budgeting has been a bit of a half failure / half success. I buy a lot less for emotional reasons and to cheer myself up and am much more aware of my feelings and how to deal with them constructively. I still don't have a proper grown up budget though. I think that will have to go on the list for next year! 

4, Appearance ..... well, I haven't done all that well with this one! Not that I wander about looking like a scruff but I could do so much more. I think I need a set routine in the next year! 

5, I have loved learning about home making this year and intend to keep on next year. Both expanding on what I have learnt and delving into new topics! I find that I enjoy all the home related tasks even those, like cleaning and ironing, that I found quite dull before. It seems like the more effort I put in, the more satisfaction there is when the job is done. 

6, My Hope Chest is such a valuable resource to me! It is where my books, CDs, DVDs and magazines relating to faith, character, home making, femininity and everything else are kept. I love having it all in one place as it is so easy to refer to and if I need a little motivation I know the perfect resource is right there. I intend to keep adding to this as well as trimming out anything that needs replacing or updating. To me, it won't be a static thing - it will keep on evolving as I do. 

7, This was my blogging Resolution! I have been blogging for just over a year now and the appeal certainly hasn't worn off. I have met some lovely people through my blog and those that I read and have recommended to me. I have learnt so much! I was worried when I started writing here that after a couple of months I would just give up but I find that I am enjoying writing and posting photographs here far more than I ever imagined! Looking back at the blog stats the most popular posts of the year have been the two giveaways, my hope chest and a daughter at home

2011 has been an interesting year with plenty of ups and downs. Lots of opportunities for growth and learning too. I am looking forward to next year and want to make it even better!

Do you make Resolutions? I am aiming to have some for the full year and others that have a target start of a certain month. Nice and organised! I am sure that better organisation will be on the list! 




  1. Happy New Year, Jenny! Thank you for sharing with us through your blog. It's always refreshing to visit. God bless you!

  2. Jenny - sounds like you have grown in so many wonderful ways this past year! I'm happy for you - and hope that 2012 will be very blessed for you as well! I always enjoy reading your blog - and your beautiful photos!

  3. Thank you! I am excited to see what 2012 brings!

  4. Hello;
    I just ran across your blog and you have so many great post. I was delighted that you have a hope chest. I was just talking about them to a friend last week, seems that today at most young women now-a-days don't even know what one is, let alone own one. I've enjoyed my visit and will be back to browse. I'm going to add you to my list of favorite homemaking websites.