Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Fascinating Girl.

I am currently reading The Fascinating Girl by Helen Andelin. Well, it is one of the books I am reading at the moment! 

From the chapter called A Domestic Goddess. 

"The Domestic Goddess adds feminine touches to her homemaking - gingham curtains, a basket of fruit, soft pillows, a cozy rug at the door, flowers, a row of plates above a cross beam, cheerful wallpaper - to give a homey feeling to the house. She adds feminine touches to her meals - cheerful tablecloths, pretty dishes and delicious aromas."

This is something that is important to me. I don't want a show home where guests are too scared to sit down in case they mess up the cushions! I want everyone to feel welcome. Some houses just feel like a home when you walk into them, you can feel the love there. I have ornaments and knick knacks around but none of them are more precious than my family and friends. Certainly none are so important that I would make a person feel unwelcome because I worried that something would get broken. Hospitality, to me, is opening both your home and your heart to your guests and truly enjoying spending time with them. 

The book is split into sections. Part 1 covers the Angelic Qualities such as accepting men and their character, inner happiness, a worthy character and the domestic goddess. Part 2 covers the Human Qualities including a feminine appearance and manner, radiant happiness and radiant health. Part 3 then covers Strategy With Men with topics like where and how to meet men and how to be a girl worth having. 

Some of the advice is a little old fashioned, such as some of the clothing recommendations, but most seems quite practical. I do wish that hair ribbons would come back into fashion! Maybe that is just me though! 

From the chapter called Radiant Health. 

"The foundation of beauty is fresh, radiant health, not only for the health itself, but for the fresh and joyful spirit it lends to the appearance, actions and attitude. How attractive are sparkling eyes, lustrous hair, a clear voice, buoyancy of manner, and the animation that good health brings to the face and the vivacity it communicates to the thoughts."

I like this as it doesn't say that you need make up and expensive products to be beautiful and also it doesn't prioritise outer beauty over inner health. It is more about making the most of what God gave you and taking care of your body as it is a precious gift. 

I really like the book so far. Looking through the chapter titles there are a few that sound a little odd but, as with everything, there is an aspect of taking the good and leaving the bad. The childlike anger section sounds a  bit strange but I don't want to judge it before I have read it! 

On a more shallow note, the book cover is the prettiest shade of pink! I saw a really cute book on Vision Forum called A Young Ladies Guide by Harvey Newcomb which I am thinking of ordering as I have a Victorian copy but I feel so nervous reading it as it is a little fragile now. I would hate to damage a book that is over 100 years old as I feel so responsible for them! 




  1. I'm with you on hair ribbons - but why not create your own style? :)

  2. That sounds like a great, and practical, book. I may have to look into it. Isn't it amazing how some information just really never goes out of style? :)