Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Winter Predictions.

There are all sorts of signs in folklore to predict whether a Winter is to be harsh or mild. So many quaint old wives' tales! These include geese and ducks migrating earlier, thicker hair on a cow's neck, extra large quantities of acorns, heavy fog in August and an abundance of berries on trees. 

There are certainly a lot of berries on the trees and bushes here. I think that may have more to do with the weather in Spring rather than the weather yet to come in Winter. I have seen many geese flying too, honking and calling in their triangles! I can't say I have been inspecting any of the nearby cows though! 

The Winter last year was rather worse than we are used to here. Of course it was mild compared to many places! There was snow up to and over my knees though - that made for interesting walks! One thing I have noticed from the letters of my Amish pen pals is that they really prepare for Winter. They can and can until they have a pantry full of food! 

They are more isolated there than I am here - living in a town I am unlikely to get snowed in for too long. It doesn't hurt to prepare a little though and I intend to have a well stocked first aid kit as well as cold medicine and some tinned food. Just in case I am ill when the weather is bad. I doubt I would feel like dragging myself through the snow with a terrible cold!

Do you prepare for Winter where you are?




  1. Hello Jenny,

    My dog has been shedding and shedding and I'm wondering if that is an indication of a harsh winter to come. I live on the high plains of Colorado and we had a mild winter last year and are due for a harsh one. We live very near a town so we don't have to stock the pantry too much, all we do is attach the big snow blower to the front of our small lawn tractor. It worked very well last year and kept the snow away but I doubt that we will fare the same this time. I really enjoy your photos!


  2. Maybe it is a sign!

    I am hoping that the Winter won't be any worse than last year but I will feel much better with a few preparations in place.

    Glad you like the photographs! I like taking them but sometimes think the blog gets a bit full of them!