Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunlight in the Garden.

Trying to develop my photography skills! I am very much a point and shoot type and there are all sorts of features on my camera that I haven't used. I really need to read the guide book. 

I wanted to see if I could capture how sunlight makes flowers and leaves look brighter, warmer and almost enchanted. These are the results! 

 I don't know why but I find red flowers hard to photograph. There have been some gorgeous roses in a deep ruby colour in the garden this year but I just can't get the same sharpness to the photographs as I do with paler flowers. 

Watching the leaves changing colour for Autumn is providing more inspiration. I love all the fiery reds and golds and these leaves have an almost glossy texture to them. 

Playing about with a blurred background. Normally I have the lighter part of the plant in focus but I quite like this effect. All I seem to do is close ups! 

I actually really like this photograph! The sun has highlighted the glossy tips of the flower which emphasises the deeper tones within. They look like tiny flames.