Thursday, 27 October 2011

Random Post - Thursday 27th October.

I seem to have spent the last week running around like a mad thing. I must have jinxed myself by putting up a post on doing nothing as I haven't stopped being busy since!

I have knitted 2 more scarves and am getting faster! I love the knitting group that I go to as everyone is so friendly. I do spend more time chatting than knitting though but it is so lovely. 

My certificate from my management course has arrived. I'm not sure what to do with it but my parents want to put it on the wall! I didn't go to the ceremony but I would have loved to have dressed up in the cap and gown to receive it. I can't believe I have a Master's degree! It seems crazy that I actually finished the course. It was so much work and time but it is all worth it now! Not sure what to do next ......

I have started a cake decorating course which is so interesting. I am taking notes and think that it will become a long term hobby as I love baking and making things pretty so it is a perfect fit for me. Here is a rose I made in my first week. Please ignore the cracked edges as the room was really hot and the sugar paste dried out so fast! 

The Christmas pudding is now made! It took 8 hours to cook in a steamer and is now all wrapped up. All it needs now is a little top up of rum for the next few weeks and then it is all ready for Christmas day. I am excited already - this was the first year that I have made a Christmas pudding and I am going to make the Christmas cake next. Well, maybe two cakes as I need one to practice on in my cake decorating class. 

I went on a one day patchwork course which was so great. I always thought that patchwork was really complicated and beyond my sewing skills but when the teacher broke it down step by step I actually managed to follow and understand it. I want to make some Christmas decorations and some sewn gifts this year. There is so much adorable festive fabric about at the moment! 




  1. Thank you! It was my first attempt and I have made a teddy bear from sugar paste since then. I love learning!

  2. The rose is beautiful! I took a cake decorating course many many years ago but got distracted by life and never finished it. :( I sure wish I had.

  3. It is a time consuming hobby! In fact every hobby I have seems to need a lot of time and a lot of stuff!

    There are supposed to be some good videos on Youtube about sugar crafting!

  4. That rose is FABULOUS! My grandma makes the most amazing roses for cakes and I have tried numerous times to make one that looks halfway decent and have failed miserably each time. lol Apparently that is not one of my talents!! It sure looks like it is YOURS!

  5. That rose is gorgeous. I would love to take a cake decorating class. I love to make my kids' birthday cakes but they aren't ever anything super fancy. Sounds like a busy time but you seem to be enjoying yourself.

    Congratulations on earning your masters!