Monday, 3 October 2011

New Wool!

This is similar to the wool I have already used for my scarf but it gives a different sort of ruffle. It is kind of hard to explain but it looks like lines of ruffles running horizontally across the scarf. 

I love the colours! The different tones mix so well and I am excited to knit more scarves. Once I am more used to knitting I will try with normal wool and also to learn to follow patterns. I do love the effect that these "fancy" wools give. 

Here is a close up of the wool. Again you knit the openings at the top and the wool forms the ruffles by itself. Casting off is done in the normal way but casting on is so easy! You simply slide every other stitch onto the needle until you have the correct number and then knit. When the scarf is completed you just have to sew up the end pieces in a matching thread. 

I love that I am learning a new skill! 




  1. Where did you buy this type of wool? I want to see if I can get some too.

  2. I buy from the local market and it is also stocked in a craft type shop called Boyes.

    It is called Ribbon Web Yarn.

  3. I just bought this yarn to make Christmas gifts for my girls. I'm newer to knitting. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  4. I am new to knitting too and have found this wool really easy to use! Not quite as easy as the ruffle wool but still easier for me that "normal" wool!