Friday, 16 September 2011

Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home.

My book arrived today! I am so excited as it is HUGE and seems to cover so many different topics. I can't wait to get started. A week later than I had planned but better late than never. 

I was so glad to find a seller who was willing to post this heavy book all the way to England. So, so grateful! As soon as I heard about this book, I wanted it! It covers almost everything that I want to learn. Every other book on home economics just paled in comparison! I am already learning to knit and that is also covered in the book and sewing and gardening have been on my to learn list for a while. 

Just look at how much the book covers! The programme lasts for 7 years and each topic is built upon and developed each year. 

These are the additional books needed for Year One. There are a couple of books needed for each year. I think it is a good idea though as they will be good reference books to keep!

I am looking forward to getting on with it all. I used to love having projects at school and I even liked home work! Writing essays and researching always interested me. I have quite missed that as it isn't really something that I do in my job or at home. 




  1. Looks like a great book Jenny. I've never heard of it before! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. It is amazing! It has sparked my interest in gardening much more - so motivated now!

  3. Stopping by from Titus 2 Tuesdays. I love Pollyanna (commenting on your profile info) =)

    This looks like a wonderful program...I am interested in learning more! Have a great week =) Nice to meet you!

  4. This is an awesome book. I bought it for my daughter some time ago and find I use it as much if not more than she does.

  5. What a great book, looks like it has a lot of wonderful info- I had a book similar to this once, I will have to look into this one.