Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Letter Writing.

When I was younger I always wanted a pen pal. A proper pen pal where we wouldn't give up on writing and would send actual letters in the post rather than emails. I didn't have one as a child but I do have a couple now as an adult. With one we have just switched from email to snail mail. It has been such an adjustment! Far more so than I had expected. I had just become so used to sending a message and getting a reply usually within hours. Now though it takes days for my letter to get to her! 

I like to write on pretty cards and it is so nice to send a bright and cheery card right to the other side of the ocean. 

This is my collection of cards for pen pals. I have some letter writing paper too for the longer letters that I send. I don't send an essay each time I write! 

Currently I am using the bright Spring themed cards but as the weather is changing I want to start using the Autumn cards soon. I want some Winter style ones with snow, ice and robins! 

It is so exciting to see a letter with an American stamp on it in the post pile. A little envelope with a hand written address stands out from the boring, standard sized white envelopes. Receiving a pen pal letter is something to be anticipated right from the minute you post your own letter! 

I am a big fan of thank you cards. I would choose to sit and hand write a card over sending a text or email. It just seems more personal and it rather quaint. A tradition to be revived I think! 

Sending letters and cards in the post forces you to slow down. You just can't get an instant response! It is teaching me patience but also a letter always seems to arrive on a day when I need that little boost in my spirits. 




  1. I'm a big fan of letters and cards too. I found a beautiful box of handmade cards for next to nothing recently and I was so tickled with it. I couldn't believe no one snatched it before me. But I guess people just don't send cards and letters anymore. That's too bad. They are joy in your mailbox

  2. I send a lot of cards and letters - just a little something to cheer people up.

    "Joy in your mailbox" what a perfect way to put it!!

  3. How did you find your pen pals?

  4. I knew a girl through an internet forum who joined the Amish so my pen pals are mostly through her. It is really interesting to me to hear about different lives - the simpler life appeals to me.

  5. I'm a big card sender too. The Lord has blessed me with a heart that loves to craft (homemade cards) and when he lays someone on my heart I pray for them as I mail them a little encouraging note. I also teach my children that thank you cards should be sent every time they receive any gift!