Saturday, 10 September 2011

Cross Stitch Magazine.

I have just subscribed to Cross Stitcher magazine. Cross stitching is something I really enjoy and I love the results as they are so pretty and it is such a versatile skill as all sorts of creations can be crafted. 

This month there was such a cute free gift with the magazine. It is a kit that contains all the materials required to make three Christmas decorations in the shape of adorable little houses. It is technically a good idea to subscribe as I buy every issue and it is cheaper to pay every six months. Can you tell I am trying to justify a pretty magazine that nearly always has a free gift on the cover?!

The preview for the next issue have projects in it that I so want to make! They will be straight onto my project list. The reindeer cake band gift looks so cute as does the Christmas apron! I love the idea of having Christmas decorations that I have made and that I can get out every year. There is something appealing about actually putting hours and hours into making things rather than just buying everything from the shop. 




  1. I fall so easily for pretty magazines, especially stitching and crafty magazines! I have waaaaaaay to many stacked around my house. I just love to look at them and dream about making all of the projects.

  2. I keep meaning to go through my collection and cut out the pages I want to keep - the only problem is that I want 90% of the magazine!

    Cross stitching magazines are my favourite as well as magazines like Mollie Makes which cover a lot of different crafts!