Monday, 29 August 2011

Random Post - Monday 29th August.

The weather has been changeable today. When I first woke up this morning there was brilliant sunshine outside and gradually throughout the day it has become colder and duller. It has been windy too, on and off. I don't think the weather can decide if it is Summer or Autumn! 

I bought the Little Women sound track on CD and so far I love it! I am so glad that I do as I had such high expectations for it. Amazingly it was cheaper for me to buy from an American seller and have it posted here than it would have been to buy it from England!

I am burning a candle called Warm Apple Pie and you can smell it all over the house. I do love candles! I want to decorate for Autumn this year but I also want to make most of the decorations myself so it might end up being next Autumn! 

Watching The Waltons too (season 3, episode 13 if you were wondering!) and it is such a sweet show. Anyone and everyone could watch it without issue and that is a rare thing indeed. 

I have had such a clear out this weekend! I thought that as it was a Bank Holiday weekend it would be a good opportunity to not only sort out my room but also my craft collection and all my books. I will never be a minimalist though - I love pretty things too much and am far too sentimental! 

I am also thinking of going through my DVD collection. I have some films that are .... well, not bad but certainly not a really good influence. I keep thinking that if a film isn't teaching me something or setting a good example do I really need to watch it? 

Now that all my craft stuff is tidy and arranged by type I can see everything that I have! I have about a hundred projects in mind on top of those in the future craft projects thread. I found some felt in many colours so now I want to make an Autumnal wreath maybe with felt owls and a Christmas wreath with holly leaves and silver bells! I don't want to get too over excited though as I can't spend all of my time crafting! 

I have so many blog posts floating around in my head, I just need to sit down and write them! Sometimes I feel like I could post ten times a day. Looking back through the posts I have made it is all pretty random. I keep thinking that I need a proper theme so there is less jumping about but really this blog is just where I post whatever is on my mind. I don't think I would like to restrict myself to a set few topics! 




  1. Jenny~ I too love watching the Walton, strange to see a family so giving and loving toward everyone else, I know it is just a television program but wouldn't it be amazing if people in real life were actually like that...
    Have a blessed day, JoAnn

  2. It would be lovely if everyone lived like that! I love that they make mistakes but learn from them rather than being presented as perfect people.