Monday, 22 August 2011

Future Craft Projects.

I always have a long list of projects in all areas of my life! Here is my current pile .... well most of it any way. I went to a craft shop recently and they were having the most amazing sale! I managed to buy much more than I had thought and I stayed within my budget.  

I love these tablecloth kits. I am just starting with embroidery and decided that taking baby steps was the way for me. I can cross stitch already and really enjoy that. 

I love the colours of the sunflowers and lavender in this one. It has a sort of late Summer feel to it. 

The tablecloths have a printed pattern on them and a key to show which stitches and colours to use where. All the threads are provided too so it is a total kit! Once all the sewing has been completed, you simply wash the tablecloth and the printed pattern washes away. 

I thought that this hedgehog one was just adorable. I have the table cloth and the runner size in this design. So Autumnal!! Perfect too as I want to start decorating according to the seasons. 

I thought these lily of the valley designs would make pretty gifts, as would the cross stitch bookmark kits that I purchased. 

I love cross stitch and I love Margaret Sherry designs so I just could not resist this special magazine! I want to do pretty much every design in it! The festive mice are especially cute. 

Look at this sweet kitty! So cheerful and the animals seem to have such personality. There are a lot of ideas for handmade gifts in here so I just need to find the time to complete them all now! 

I also bought these fabric fat quarters! I  am planning some sort of beach themed mini quilt. 

How sweet are these little beach huts? I haven't decided exactly what to do with the fabric but I just had to have it. It was one of those times when I knew that, if I didn't buy it while it was such good value, I would be wishing I had! 

Do you have a huge list of craft projects to do? I do hope I am not the only one! I struggle to keep all my craft stuff organised especially as I can't decide on just one craft to focus on! 




  1. Oh my, do I ever have a pile of projects! ;o) and I, too, have lots of trouble with the organization of them. Your projects look lovely. I think embroidery is really my favorite handwork. I like crocheting also, but embroidery seems more creative to me somehow. The beach fabric is darling!

  2. I think I need some big plastic boxes just to keep it all tidy!

    I feel like Autumn is the perfect time to craft - the nights draw in and it is dark outside and I am happy crafting in the warm indoors!

  3. It's seems like Fall and winter are the only time I can get my crafts done as well. Your projects look wonderful. Thank you for sharing and linking up!!

  4. I too have a bunch of crafts that I love to do- your table cloth projects look fun- that hedgehog is cute! Visiting from Homemaker by choice blog hop- my post this week is about how I organized my craft area in my dining room- I always get very crafty as summer winds down and fall approaches. Your quilt project sounds wonderful as well!!

  5. Hi Jenny, I too have tons of crafts to be but they are strewn throughout the house, some in the living room, some in the dining area and some are actually in this room I have called my craft room??? go figure:) Anyway your crafts to be are very pretty, love the table cloths, I have never done any of those. I have no crafts on my new blog and my old blog has been deleted. Guess I better get started on somehting so i can post a picture.