Saturday, 23 July 2011

Seaside Trip.

I had a lovely week at the seaside! It was sunny every day apart from the very first day when I got absolutely soaked. To the skin! I did so much walking, both on the beach and along the cliffs, I must have walked miles and miles. 

It was so lovely to have a week when I could just do what I wanted. My last holiday week was spent doing coursework so I enjoyed reading, listening to music and watching old films! 

Here are a few photographs from my trip. 

This was probably my favourite holiday for a long time. I love quaint little seaside towns much more than the more commercialised ones. Plus not much compares to eating fish and chips straight out of the newspaper wrapping on the sea front! 




  1. Looks and sounds like a lovely holiday!! Oh how I would love to visit the UK someday!!!! My brother and I would love to go to England and see Manchester United play at home! We really think it would be awesome to live in England.

  2. It was lovely! England is so beautiful but I may be a little biased!

    I have been to Florida a couple of times and loved it - everything is big and over the top somehow.