Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Camera!

So excited! I have a shiny new camera - it is ruby red and is a real upgrade on my old one. I just want to get outside and practice, practice, practice until I know how to use all the features and how to take really good photographs. 

I love the zoom on it and how I can focus in on the tiniest details. I'm afraid you will all probably have to put up with a few more photographs here!




  1. Put up with... or thoroughly enjoy. :-) I'm excited for you, Jenny! I love the photos you shared today. God bless!

  2. :)Thank you!

    There will be lots more photographs as I took my camera out again today!

  3. Hi Jenny, your blog has been listed at :-)

  4. Very pretty picturs. I too am on Bonnie's blog. You can come over and visit me. I like your blog.