Saturday, 4 June 2011


I adore the foxgloves in my garden! They are beautiful especially up close with their almost leopard print interiors. They are striking from a distance too, rising above the other flowers in the garden. They look so elegant while shifting and swaying in the breeze. They are what I consider a traditional English country garden flower. 

I have pink foxgloves in the garden but there is also a white variety which is stunning with snowy white petals and deep purple speckles. I love the contrast in both! It amazes me to see just how much beauty there is in the world even in the tiniest details. 

Can you tell that I have figured out how to do close ups on my camera? I love the dappled centre of the flowers and am so excited that the photograph shows this clearly as well as the touch of fur on the very edge of the petals. Some how, since I have started taking photographs, I seem to notice little details more than ever. 

With the flowers of the foxglove being quite spaced out along the stem they don't block the view of the flowers behind them. They look quite fragile, like the flowers are just balanced there, but they can cope with quite strong winds and bend with the breeze rather than snapping. I think there is a lesson in there somewhere! 

There is actually a bee in one of the flowers in the photograph above but it was too fast for me! By the time I managed to take a photograph the bee was either too deep in the flower to be seen or had flown away. I think I need a smaller flower or a bigger bee!



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