Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Copper Beech Tree.

Trees are so fascinating to me, especially when I am stood beneath one looking up through the branches. 

I love the colours of the leaves which ranged from the bright, fresh green of the leaf buds and new growth, though copper and red to scarlet. It would be amazing to see this tree in Autumn as the leaves change colour and start to fall. 

I think the tree would look majestic in Winter too, both with snowy branches and with leafless boughs standing out against the blue sky behind. 

Looking up and seeing the leaf canopy lit by the sun! The sunlight streams through the leaves to give an almost stained glass effect and the branches are dark in contrast. 

I love the twisting, turning branches in this one. The bark was quite smooth and cool to touch and so much shade was provided on a warm and sunny day. The tree was big enough to almost give a forest feel all by itself. 



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