Friday, 13 May 2011

Sun and Shower.

I read this today and it really spoke to me.

A little flower delayed it's petals to unfold;
It feared the rain, the cold.
In vain the sun came to caress the rose,
It longed, yet did not dare, its petals to unclose.

"The other flowers," it sighs, "are all so fresh, so cool,
Rich-hued and beautiful;
Their breaths are fragrant, their sweet faces glad,
And I, as is my life, am perfumeless and sad."

An angel came one night to whisper to the rose,
"My child, thy heart unclose,
Lift thy bowed head, smile on thy sister flowers;
God who the sunshine sends, He sends as well the showers."

When next the sun appears the flowers to embrace,
The rose lifts it's tear-dewed face;
Unfolds it's petals to His ardent kiss,
And blushing, smiles to find how fair a world is this.

The angel comes again to smile upon the rose,
Whose cheek now redly glows;
"Good-night, my child, blow bravely little flower,
Who would the sunshine share, must share as well the shower."

L Deas




  1. Jenny, this is Diane aka persuaded aka Tomato Soup Cake... just wanted to say hello and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better☺

  2. Awww! Thank you - that is sweet!