Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Little Moments of Peace.

The sun is slowly setting here and there is just the slightest chill to the air. I can here the breeze in the trees, birds singing and the distant sound of church bells. It is one of those moments when everything is still. It is like the whole world has slowed down! I love to just sit and enjoy the peace and the feeling that my mind is settled rather than thinking of a hundred things at once.

I keep running in and out as the clouds change. I love to photograph the sky! The clouds are scurrying across the sky and changing colour. Growing darker and darker with their edges tinged with gold.

It is like the world has sighed and peacefulness reigns.




  1. I love that peaceful feeling =)

    Jenny- I would love to join your reading group!

  2. I do too! Peace and quiet!