Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Walking to Work.

I walk to work and I have tended to think about the bad things about it - the time it takes, rain, wind and snow - rather than the good things. However, in light of the fact that I am trying to be positive and count my blessings I have re-evaluated it! My walk to work is really calming for me. It is one of the few times in the day when I am alone with my thoughts. I find that if I focus on the fresh air and the season changes around me, I arrive at work in a much better mood. 

There are beautiful blue skies some days and my walk takes me past the church yard where there are three huge horse chestnut trees. I am so excited to see the candles blossom! There are also squirrels which are a delight to watch - so much so that I dawdle so I can see more of their antics, running races, bounding along and circling the tree trunks. 

I also walk past quite a few different trees that all seem to be awakening and blossoming at the moment - the wonders of Spring! Their colours range from white and the palest pink right through to deep, deep purple. So beautiful! I am so glad that when God created this world for us He chose to make it so spectacular. I now class my walk to work as a true blessing in my life!



P.S. There is also a Home Keeping Hearts group which has just started and is aimed at young ladies with an interest in home making and crafts. I hope that it provides encouragement and a place to chat for like minded girls.

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