Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sweet Home Making Quotes.

I am reading a few home making related books at the moment. Just little bits every now and again as I need motivation!

"I would like to change the name housewife to home maker. Housewife has such a commercial sound, but home maker - there is all the love of home, of happiness, of family and neighbourliness in its meaning. 

I have found that there is something more important than running the home itself. It is that a woman has her husband's temperament to consider as well as her own, and also, later on, the temperament of each child. 

The woman who can make every member of her family feel that his or her personality matters in all home affairs, and that a little bit of home specially belongs to each one, will surely succeed as a home maker."

From Rose Buckner's Book of Homemaking. 

"The Domestic Goddess adds feminine touches to her homemaking - gingham curtains, a basket of fruit, soft pillows, a cosy rug at the door, flowers, a row of plates above a cross beam, cheerful wallpaper - to give a homey feeling to the house. She adds feminine touches to her meals - cheerful tablecloths, pretty dishes and delicious aromas. 

She also adds a warmth of spirit to her household. She scatters sunshine, makes a house a home, fills it with understanding, love, and happiness."

From The Fascinating Girl by Helen Andelin.

I love the idea of scattering sunshine! Such a pretty picture! I hadn't considered how much my mood affects the people around me. Even if I am unaware of it tiredness or stress can make me react differently to people and, even if I am too wrapped up in myself to notice, they will feel it. I am making a conscious effort not to inflict my moods on other people. Not the negative ones anyway! Everyone has problems and by allowing mine to impact on my interactions I am basically saying that my problems are more important when they are not. I need to focus more on the needs of others than on my selfish wants. 

Another flower photograph - just because!



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