Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Day!

The news coverage of the Royal Wedding has started on the news channels! I am so excited as I love weddings and romance - William and Kate seem like such a lovely couple too. Looking forward to seeing the dress of course - I am sure she will look beautiful. They seem like such a normal couple and their relationship, thus far, has been  relatively private. They are so genuine and the public love them! Kate is so pretty and ladylike! I just love her clothes - so groomed and elegant and always appropriate. 

The whole country seems excited about the wedding! On the news it shows that there are thousands of people in London lining the wedding route and hoping to catch a glimpse of the happy couple. 



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  1. Loved the wedding too, got up ridiculously early to watch it, sat with my mom in front of the live stream eating cupcakes at 2 AM...We love the royal family, and I thought that the face value meaning of the ceremony was fantastic, but I think it should have been more of a concern for people that they have been living together off and on for years...
    Nothing against you, love your stuff, and your pursuit of femininity! <3