Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Parcel.

When I returned home today a parcel had arrived for me. So exciting! I have ordered a few bits and bobs lately and I don't have a set date for them to arrive - just that it will be between two and six weeks as they are coming from America. Today's delivery was my order from Vision Forum which I had been looking forward to. There were a few things that I had had on my wish list so when they had a sale (and a fantastic sale at that) I knew it was the right time to place an order. 

I ordered two books and two CDs which are going to go in my hope chest. I am looking forward to studying them and truly absorbing their message. The books are Joyfully at Home and Verses of Virtue and the CDs are Home is Where the Heart Is and Twenty-Four Hours is All You Get. I am hoping that these items help me in my quest to become more organised. I need all the help I can get! 

I have a habit of opening any new book to a random page before I start reading from the beginning. Odd I know! The quote on the first page I opened in Verses of Virtue was:

"Feminists who ceaselessly inveigh against their own oppression by men (often hardly specifying its exact nature) would ignore how they themselves have oppressed ... feminine women. It oppresses a woman who could delight in domesticity to tell her that her domesticity makes her a parasitic inferior to men. It oppresses a woman who yearns to stay home with her children to tell her she is worthy only insofar as she achieves in the workplace."

F. Carolyn Graglia, A Brief Against Feminism. 

Strong words! Although this quote is in the Femininity Defended section so it is probably to be expected! I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book and I quite like that it is set out in such a way so that I can just dip into it. 



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