Sunday, 17 April 2011


I am attempting to grow a little herb garden! This year as I am busy with coursework and all sorts of other things I am having a trial run with bought plants rather than growing from seed. That is next year's challenge!

The supplies including pink spotty gardening gloves - an essential! I had a little trip to the garden centre today to pick up the supplies I needed. I don't have much experience with gardening so I wanted to go the simple route for my first try!

I like the urn design of the planter - it was just a little bit different to the basic pots available. I put a few gravel stones at the bottom for drainage. I don't want my little plants to get waterlogged. 

I bought compost that is specifically designed for pots and planters as it retains moisture well. I am hoping I don't forget to water my herbs but as I am not used to having plants to take care of it is a possibility! It is a really light and soft compost not like the soil in the garden. 

My little herbs just waiting to be planted. They look a bit tired but it is so sunny here today so I think they will perk up after being watered. The thyme smells so lovely! 

All planted and watered! I just have to find the perfect spot for the urn to go - somewhere with a little sun but not too much and sheltered from the wind. 

The herbs I have chosen are coriander, thyme, basil and garlic chives. 

Coriander - distinctive citrus flavour. Ideal for salads or to add interest to cooked vegetables.

Thyme - intense and scented. Suited to chicken, lamb and fish dishes. 

Basil - sweet and peppery. Ideal for pizza toppings and any tomato based dish. 

Garlic Chives - mild onion flavour. Add to salads, soft cheeses or use as a garnish. 

I am looking forward to caring for them and using them in my cooking! I am excited to see how much difference there is between dried and fresh herbs. 




  1. Hi Jenny!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
    I have been dying to plant my own garden!! My Mom has a lovely garden with all kinds of veggies and fruits and herbs. Our yard is small and does not get much sun, plus my hubs and I are both new to gardening, so we are going to do something similar to you. We are making a small raised bed, and then maybe a few pots.
    I love the urn style pot you chose. Hope your herbs do well!
    Happy Gardening to ya. :)

  2. The herbs survived a whole day! That is good for me as I am not green fingered at all!

    If it all works out I want to grow things from seeds next year.

  3. You will probably find that growing from seed is more successful. Herbs that are sold in supermarkets are deliberately over-seeded so that they grow quickly and produce thick clumps of herbs that can be cut and used in cooking. They are designed to live for a week or two on the kitchen windowsill but after that they tend to die off as the roots choke each other. They can sometimes be rescued if you divide the roots into about 4 and pot them separately but herbs are really easy and best grown from seed and thinned appropriately before final potting :)