Saturday, 30 April 2011

April 30th.

Time for a little bit more poetry!

At last, young April, ever frail and fair,
Wooed by her playmate with the golden hair, 
Chased by the margin of receding floods
O'er the soft meadows, starred with opening buds,
In tears and blushes sighs herself away,
And hides her cheek beneath the flowers of May. 

O. W. Holmes

While the stars shine, or while day's purple eye
Is gently closing with the flowers of Spring,
Where even the motion of an angel's wing
Would interrupt the intense tranquillity
Of silent hills, and more than silent sky. 

W. Wordsworth

I love the cherry blossom. So beautiful and yet fleeting. The flowers are already falling. I am finding that each flower I see must be appreciated as, in it's fullest bloom, the fading and dulling is already waiting in the wings. In one way it is sad and yet there is the potential for so much more to come!  

I like to take photographs looking up at things - perhaps because I am short! Trees especially look beautiful from below with the blue sky behind. The criss cross of branches and the dappled light create such a magical atmosphere! 



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