Friday, 15 April 2011

April 15th.

Wouldst thou find an the rose's blossom
More than thy fellows find?
More in the fragrance of the lily
Than odour in the wind?
Love Nature and her smallest atoms
Shall whisper to thy mind.


The lilac is coming into bloom! I can hardly wait for the blossoms to open fully as I love the scent of the lilac tree. There is so much beauty in the world when you slow down to notice it. While walking today I smelt the sweet scent of wallflowers in a garden and way up high on a chimney pot there was a glossy blackbird singing it's heart out. People were rushing all around but I was glad that I slowed my steps a little and noticed a few of God's special gifts. 




  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lilacs.

    Enjoy them for me ~ as, alas, we are not able to grow them in the South. Too hot.

    As a child, we had them in our yard (up North), and I guess that is why I have such an affinity towards them.

    Well, I LOVE flowers, period. But lilacs are definitely up there in my top five.

    Sweet Jenny, enjoy the fragrance and beauty to your heart's content ~ God sent them to you for just that reason....a special gift as a reminder of His love, and He is so pleased when you notice.

    Joyous Resurrection Day, darlin'!!!

  2. Thank you for such a sweet comment!

    How amazing that God cared enough to give us all the essentials but to also make the world beautiful for us!

    I am enjoying Spring - every day a new flower is appearing.