Tuesday, 4 January 2011

In An Old Garden.

In An Old Garden.

Yellow roses, purple pansies,
Tufts of heavy-headed stocks;
Either side the quaint old gateway
Blazing, torch-like hollyhocks.

Sweet peas tossing airy banners,
Saintly lilies bending low,
Daisies, powdering all the green sward
With a shower of summer snow.

Boxwood borders - yews fantastic - 
Wallflowers that with every sigh
Spill such scent that e'en the brown bees
Reel with rapture wandering by.

And the pear trees, long arms stretching
O'er the sunny gable wall,
Scarce can hold their ruddy nurslings
Ripening where the warm beams fall.

Oh, the ecstasy of living!
How it thrills my life to-day!
I can almost hear the flower bells
Tinkle where my footsteps stray!

In a garden God first placed man,
There first woke Love's magic thrill;
and methinks a breath of Eden
Clings to earth's old gardens still.

M. Hedderwick Browne.


  1. Lovely! My mom always says that there are still bits of Eden in the world to remind us of heaven... and that's what helps us through. Thank the Lord for His beautiful creation we have to enjoy and find comfort in!

  2. When I look at even the little things like a flower or frost on a tree bough I just feel wonder. How lucky we are to have such a generous God who gave us the world!