Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Daisy.

A Daisy.

Be like the Daisy,
Sweet maid. Behold
How glorious within
Her heart of gold!

Be like the Daisy,
In shine or shade,
In summer or winter, 
Courageous maid!

Be like the Daisy, 
Simple and true,
Looking straight upward,
Up to the blue.

Lift thy head buoyantly
After the rain, 
After adversity
Spring up again!

Seek not pre-eminence,
Look not for praise;
Safe and most blessed
Are humbler ways.

From lowly sisters
Dwell not apart,
Keep through all splendour, 
Thy Daisy heart. 

When in heaven's garden
Thy leaves unfold,
Thine be white raiment - 
A crown of gold!

Clara Thwaites. 

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